This is my portfolio site, on it are a couple of things that were needed for the school assignment and other things are on here because I wanted to get a couple of my works online.

I chose for this design because I wanted to do something that really breaks out of the box, I didn't want some static, square, newspaper-like site with information handed to you just like 90% of the other websites out there. That is also why I wanted to do a horizontal scrolling page, instead of vertical.

I could've made it look more fancy, but my main goal was to get the coding right and optimized, when this site is online, and gets a nice grade I'll get cranking on the design again.

you can always So that when you have questions or if you found an error you can tell me about it.


Okay, something about me and my current education.

My name is Tiuri de Jong,
I was born and raised in Enschede, The Netherlands.

I'm a late student, meaning, I was born in the second half of the year.
I also had to re-do the 4th class of the elementary school and (coincidentally) the 4th class of middle-school.
Last year I tried 'IPO' (Industrial Product Designing). But, seeing as I'm doing K&T (Applied Art and Science), that didn't turn out that well.
It was fun, but it just didn't really get me motivated enough.
with K&T however, I am really enthousiastic, alot of the material we learn is useful for my hobbies, too (drawing, guitar playing and coding for example).

I have a list of things which represents my current education in a number of areas
My current job is cash register employee at a Shell gas station in Enschede.
If you want to know more about my accomplishments,
Might you want an english version of any document found on the site, just mail me. (look on the home page for the link)

School Projects

Since the start of the year, we've had a couple of assignments, some were fun, some were a bit dull and others were really interresting and expanded my field of view. We've soldered a sound amplifier, we've made a virtual traveling agency (actually, it still needs to be finished).

But one of the coolest projects has been the legobot project. The assignment was at first, to have it drive up to a wooden block, and after touching it, to go around it. The second part was to count the number of black lines the bot crossed and then stop after the 5th line. After this, we had to make the bot follow a black line.

And as a last assignment, we had to do the line counting, and line following after one another, and then the bot had to drive into a maze, and end up on a silver piece of tape.

Quite a challenging assignment, but that is what made it so fun! scroll to the right to see a photo of me during a legobot project and to see some more info on other projects.

Me with a legobot:
me with a legobot

Other projects:

In a group of 6 we made a promotion for our own education. For it we made a detailed report about the target group and we brainstormed on which media we would use and how. We made a main theme and style, a poster, a website and a script for a video ad. I made the website and the videoscript.

Together with a classmate I created a link in a mechanical and digital chain. The chain consisted of constructions which had 10 seconds to do something interresting, After which it had to pass on a (visible) signal.

Together with 3 other classmates, we created a stop-motion videoclip. the idea behind the project was to show the transition between something inanimate to something alive.


  -Werk in voorbereiding
In this project I had to work with 1 other person on a new interface that works with a (digital) type of media. My classmate and I designed and constructed a 3-d input device which can measure the movement of 3 axes. It worked via the arduino and was then hooked on a pc, where it was used as a 3-d audio mixer. The usefullness of this is that it can edit 3 tracks at once and in one movement, instead of with a mouse, where you can only edit one or two tracks with most software. the software was made in flash by me, the hardware was done by my classmate and me.

An open assignment where you had to make use of certain themes, make something interactive and it had to be an installation. There were no restrictions as to what it had to do, except that it must work with a media, it had to represent a location and it had to be related to 3 self pickedobjects.

And even more:

In a group of 4 people we had to make an art installation that had to lure people. it had to work with 3 or more outputs and with at least 2 inputs. It also had to do something with the location that was given to you and where the installation would run for 3 days straight. My group and I were positioned in the basement of a building, accessible from the main street, this basement was used as a parking space for bycicles.
My group and I made an interactive game where the screen was projected on a wall of the basement. In this game you had to ride a bycicle across a path until you get to the end. We had a jungle theme. This because we wanted to relate to the nature which is related to what you get to experience when you use a bycicle.

Random art

A drawing from the manga and anime, Bleach
A drawing of Esra
A sketch of Marieke
An eye of my cat
A random sketch which I colored

A charcoal tryout sketch

School art

A real-life drawing of Bart
A portrait of Christian
A painting from the first quarter of the schoolyear
A moodboard about movement
A self portrait
A still-life sketch of a teddybear